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Prabhjot K. - Michigan
"Linda is a very genuine person and I am very thankful to have met her. We met when I was just starting my PhD degree along with full time work as an engineer. I absolutely needed guidance for making sure I was still living my life with a decent amount of sanity and ensuring that the rest of my life goals were also on track. There are several key areas of my life that have significantly improved through coaching with Linda, but if I were to name just one of them, that would be a tremendous shift in psychology of how to better handle negative thoughts that can take a toll sometimes. I have now become a more optimistic person. Linda has always challenged me to dig deeper within myself. After having numerous coaching sessions, I feel equipped for success and l live my life with more intention. I am proud to say that I am lucky to have found Linda!"

Kelly Moser - Founder of The Moser Movement
"Coaching with Linda has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often, that you find a coach that just "gets it". She knew when I needed to be pushed, when I needed to be coached, and when I just needed some friendly advice. In addition, she equips you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way and work out what you really want and need to move towards your goals. I am now living a bold life that I love and will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching for years to come."

Joshua M. - Mountain View, California 
"WOW! That was an awesome call. Truly and honestly, from the bottom of my heart. Loved your energy and I truly felt listened to… looking forward to implementing the techniques from the call this week."

Kelley Sewell - Redding, California 
"Linda’s High Performance Coaching has been instrumental in “leveling up” my professional and personal performance over the last six months. No matter if you are tackling a mammoth goal or are striving to optimize the quality of your life overall, Linda will help you execute a plan to achieve the results you are looking for - real, measurable results. I highly recommend Linda’s High Performance Coaching to anyone who is serious about seeing results."

Faye Hall - www.FreshFireGrill.com - Palo Cedro, CA 
"WOW! So far I had three sessions with Linda Fitzgerald. It has been absolutely life changing. Things that I had intuition that I need to change but only hit and miss for a decade for me, she fixed it in an hour session. I am very grateful to have Linda as my high performance coach. I encourage many of you to get a session with her, at least find out what this is about. This is becoming one of the God's gift for me."

Angela Tennison - Washington D.C.
“Linda is the productivity guru! Whenever I am overwhelmed with so many tasks and projects she coaches me on how to create a plan to get it all done. Linda has so many tools in her arsenal that after each session I actually have more confidence and I have less anxiety about getting it all done! She is also a great listener and intuitively knows exactly when I need to be pushed or when I just need affirming. Linda is thoughtful in her approach and I enjoy every session knowing that at the end I will have learned more about myself and have an action plan to move closer to my goals. I would recommend coaching with Linda if you feel you need more hours in a day. She will truly help you maximize the time you have so you are not just busy but you are productive! Don’t waste another second! Call her now!”

Paul Gowin - Scottsdale, AZ
“I would like to share with you some of my experiences in working with Linda Fitzgerald as my High Performance Coach. Linda in a word is passionate. When she helped me explore how to be my best self, to generate my best relationships, and achieve my best successes, she did so with passion. Linda also called me out when I wasn’t living as my best self. She celebrated my wins with me and kicked me in the rear end when I was stuck moving toward my goals. In short, Linda helped me "get my better on.” I highly recommend Linda and High Performance Coaching for anyone, anywhere in the world, in any industry looking for ways to get their better on!”

Ray Wilson, the Results Coach - Los Angeles, California
“Every coach needs a coach. I am a coach and I had the pleasure of being coached in high-performance by Linda Fitzgerald. Initially my focus was on being coached on my career. She helped me to see the possibility of improvement in other areas in my life I had not considered. Linda helped me to realize there were other aspects of my life that would have a significant impact on my career. Each week we explored different topics of high-performance and how they could specifically enhance my health, my relationships, my career and finances. Linda is easy to talk to. Often I forgot I was being coached and felt like I was just with a friend who cared about my future.  She listened to my words intensely and reminded and cautioned me that the use of my words and my thoughts could derail or enhance my performance and success.   Linda is an awesome coach.”

Eric Rinehart - Napa, California
"Linda Fitzgerald makes it a point to bring the joy and energy to every coaching session I have with her. She celebrates with me in my successes and acts as a mirror to help me get out of my own way when I am struggling. After an hour of coaching with her, regardless of how the rest of my week has gone, I am smiling ear to ear and know exactly my next steps of action to achieve the best version of myself.  Having a coach is SOOOO valuable to put things into action. Linda is the perfect combination of heart, compassion, and laser-focused intention to up the level in every area of your life.  You can feel her sense of giving and do-good in the world, and I highly recommend her to anybody reading this."

Ana C, Seattle, WA
"Ever since my first session with Linda in 2010, my paradigm shifted. I no longer operated from a place that only imagines and hopes success but started to operate from a place that strategizes ways for those dreams to come true. Linda continues to activate, empower and coach me to make my dreams a reality utilizing the most simple yet revelatory methods. Thank you, Linda, for showing me what it looks like to believe in myself and more importantly treasure those ‘beyond coincidence” moments."

Job A. - Austin, Texas
"Linda has always had a heart to help people and has been there in the moments where I was in the middle of crucial decisions that were going to affect my family and career. The sound advice I received in such sensitive times helped me reflect and strategize my decisions. Sometimes it was a wise “one liner” she said or it was helping me reflect and assimilate options, or tools to help me to move forward and reach my goals. Certainly, I am glad she was there just in the right moment for me and my family. Thank you Linda for always being there, your advice and honest counsel was heaven-sent." 


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